ANNUAL TEST EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

 The inspection defined as "Annual Test" is performed every 12 months and has been codified by the IMO MSC / Circ. 1040.

This inspection should not be confused with the Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) review which must be performed every 5 years (for EPIRBs embarked on units registered in Italy).

The Annual Test inspection is therefore a check that does not require a battery change and does not involve disassembling the beacon.

This is an external inspection aimed at ascertaining the integrity of the beacon.

Furthermore, a check of the frequency issued is carried out and the integrity and correctness of the Hex ID code transcribed on the same programming label applied on the EPIRB is checked, which must be compliant and complete.

Our company is approved to issue "Annual Test" certificates compliant with IMO MSC / Circ. 1040.

In addition to being authorized agents for the marketing of all ACR Electronics products,

We are in possession of the certifications to carry out the battery change on all the beacons produced by ACR.



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