PLB battery change - personal locator beacon

Our company is authorized to carry out the battery change service on any PLB locator built by ACR Electronics.

The battery change operation, to be carried out every five years or following the activation of the beacon, involves external and internal inspection and complete test of the device.

We can perform this revision both on PLB currently in production, and on models no longer available but still perfectly valid and efficient.

The battery change procedure also allows you to carry out a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the beacon to detect anomalies or possible damage that may compromise in some way the correct operation of the device.

Each beacon that is received at our service center is visually inspected for possible cracks or breaks on the body of the instrument. Then we move on to the internal inspection to detect above all the absence of internal corrosion or any other anomaly that may have compromised the status of the internal electronic card or of the wiring in such a way as to compromise the operation of the beacon. The customer will be promptly informed of any anomaly found during the inspection before proceeding with any further processing.

To request a quote, including shipping, for battery changes on an EPIRB or PLB ACR Electronics, contact us by providing some essential information to identify the beacon:

- What kind of beacon -> EPIRB, PLB or SART;

- If you know the name, for example GlobalFix, SAT2, MicroFix, Pathfinder etc ..

- Year of purchase of the beacon.

Charges for battery changes vary depending on whether it is a PLB or an EPIRB.


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